SM-J111F Unlock For Z3x Box

  1. Power on the phone.
  2. Connect the phone to PC with USB cable.
  3. Check Samsung modem in device manager, install drivers if needed.
  4. Press 'Unlock' button for direct unlock or 'Read codes' to read security codes.

Operation: Read Codes
Selected model: SM-J111F
Software version: 25.9

Searching Samsung modem... detected COM33
Reading phone info... OK
Model: SM-J111F
Product code: SM-J111FZKDTHR
Phone S/N: R58H507YTNM
Imei: 356815072777XXX
Unique number: CFN0063D59BE143
Reading codes... OK
Please wait, calculating codes... OK (time - 00:01:57)
Freeze code: 50204808
NET lock: 79586936
Sub lock: 00000000
SP lock: 00000000
CP lock: 00000000
SIM lock: 00000000
For check lock status: *#7465625#


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